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Windows Operating System Support

Service list:

Windows Operating System – XP, Vista etc.
Installation of useful software for eliminating and removing:
– Errors of Windows Operating System;
– Hidden files overloading computer memory and affecting speed;
– Viruses, spyware, hidden Trojan downloaders, etc.
– Hidden intruders, back doors, etc.

Removing forgotten passwords/logins BIOS, of any account and/or Administrator: Windows – XP, 2000 Professional, NT Workstation and Server 4.0, XP Tablet PC Edition, Server 2003, Server 2003 R2, Active Directory Domain Controllers Enterprise Edition, Secure boot options, Service Packs, from £20.


– disk and data recovery
– deleted data and formatted data recovery from USB stick, Hard Drives – IDE, SATA – FAT32, NTFS, etc, Camcorder HD and Flash Card.

Desktop & Laptop recovery From £100*
Removable Media recovery From £50*
“No recovery – no charge” policy.

*Depends on size of a hard drive, etc.

How Online support works?

Payment through Paypal (or other way can be discussed).
Your most convenient contact details required. You will get a link to a program, which you have to download and Run (only), no installation required.
We establish Online connection and IT support will be provided on time agreed.
– No Fix – Money back guarantee, excluding £0.30 Paypal money transfer charge.

How much does it cost?
Please, see sidebar.