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Mac OS X support

Online Support (around the World) and Call Out (within London, UK) Online support can solve up to 80% of your computer software issues without even visiting you, saving you time and money.

Online Support list for Mac OS X:

Useful Software installation for eliminating and removing: – hidden files overloading computer’s memory, – viruses (unfortunately, there are some viruses for Mac computers these days).


– In case your Mac does not start up, do not give up. It is possible to fix the problem if the hard drive is running with no abnormal noise. I guarantee that you will get all data back just like it was before the crash.
– Replacing hard drive
– disk and data recovery
– deleted data and formated data recovery from USB stick, Hard Drives – IDE, SATA – FAT32, NTFS, etc, Camcorder HD and Flash Card.

Data Recovery:
Desktop & Laptop From £100*
Removable memory From £50*

*Depends on a media size.

“No data, No Fee” policy!