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London Sabantuy 2013

Sabantuy flag designed by R.Muslimov
Sabantuy Flag – 2013.
designed by R.Muslimov

Sabantuy – summer festival – took place on the ground of UCL university in theCity of London on 1st June 2013. The second Sabantuy in London had brought together many people from all backgrounds and of all ages. The event was attended by representatives of the Russian Embassy.
Guests are offered free national cuisine dishes. They enjoyed a concert and participated sporting activities.
Singer Aidar Galimov performed tatar songs before an audience.
The event is a great way to highlight the work tatar community do in the community as well.

Special thanks to Mr Murad Safin a businessman who sponsored the Sabantuy festive since 2012.
The Front Quad has been booked for Tatar community event after a prompt negotiation between R. Muslimov – Doipo ltd Director and UKTA Vice-Chairman, and Barbara Wellington of UCL Estates Room-Bookings.