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CV Review

A Curriculum Vitae (CV) is normally the first representation of a candidate that an agency/client will see so it is vitally important to ensure that the CV represents you in the right light. It is worth spending time on this with extra care and attention so as your chances of gaining an interview are increased.

Following the simple but effective tips below can help.

– Check your personal details are correct and complete.
– Check contact details are current and make sure there is a good contact number for you (current work numbers may not always be advisable).
– Qualifications/Courses – list with dates obtained and any expiry dates that may be applicable.
– Career History – check there are no unexplained gaps in your career history and ensure last assignment/job is included.
– Spelling – is it correct? Check properly and don’t rely on ‘spell-checker’ also remember to look out for ‘americanisms’ – the last point may seem minor but it is picked up on a regular basis.
– Hobbies/Interests – a hobby that you regularly partake in is very different to a passing interest. Be clear about this as the interviewer may well have a similar hobby!
– Ensure CV is 2/3 pages as a maximum

Hope the advice helps.